Promoting Public Safety

while supporting a charitable cause

Our Purpose

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Ensuring a brighter, safer future.

We know now that the way commercial and residential properties are designed impacts the spread of disease. It’s not enough that design be aesthetically pleasing and functional; we need designs that keep all of us healthy and safe.

To promote awareness of the need for safer designs, Micky Klein Interiors has partnered with Jacobs Real Estate Advisors to form DesignForSafety.

Additionally, every dollar raised by DesignForSafety will go directly to UnitedWay to provide essential supplies to the underprivileged. This way we can further our mission and ensure that everyone, regardless of financial struggles, has access to masks, soaps, and sanitizer.

How it works

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For every $10 donation you'll receive a Design for Safety 1 hand sanitzer

100% of donations goes to UnitedWay to provide essential safety supplies to the underprivileged

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